Copywriting from A to Z: everything you need to know and be able to work as a copywriter. Part 1.

  1. Copywriting: everything you need to know about it.
  2. Copywriting can be divided into subtypes:
  3. Ok, I want to be a copywriter. Where to begin?
  4. Ok, I choose the exchange.

The unique content on the site is practically the main component of any quality resource. Useful materials and comprehensive information - what the user, in principle, comes to the site. Whether it is information about the company, or the latest news, or alerts about upcoming events and promotions, or an additional source of communication. It is the articles and texts that fill absolutely all pages and sections that enliven the site, give meaning to its creation, support the development and contribute to the promotion. And there is an invisible fighter - a copywriter behind all this "Creation of the World" in a mini-format.

Copywriting: everything you need to know about it.

To begin with, let's look at the term itself. So, copywriting (or copyright) comes from the English. "Copywriting" and literally translated as "writing the text." The main point is to create and place a unique textual material. And everything would be very simple and trivial, if not for the global spread of this phenomenon.

As a profession, copywriting was born a very long time, even before these of your Internet. Advertising slogans, presentations, motivational texts that encourage the purchase of goods have always been the engine of commerce, so to speak, and have been the cause of creating the effect of the product need (sometimes even imaginary). With the help of the word you can really manipulate the masses, consciousness and actions in the end. When the Internet became available to everyone, copywriting began to undergo transformation, acquiring new features and expanding in the range of services. Now this concept includes writing news articles, filling in landing pages, a description of goods in catalogs, and brief reviews of an event or product, and many more “and”. At the same time, there can be absolutely any goal: from merely informing, to creating the necessary image or making a sale.

Copywriting can be divided into subtypes:

  • Rewriting (rewriting) - the presentation of someone else's text in its own way, rewriting with the addition of its notes. As a rule, the source is one. The general idea remains, the structure, perhaps, too; uniqueness at the output does not always reach 100%. But to strive for this is necessary.
  • Promotional text. Inspiring, motivational article, calling and disposing to buy, call, leave contacts, etc.
  • SEO copyright. The main difference is the presence in the text of keywords and queries that promote the site promotion. The unique content on the site is practically the main component of any quality resource

Terms of reference copywriter

Copywriter - the creator of the text material, if in general. He simply must be literate, be able to clearly and desirablely express his thoughts concisely, have an attractive style. And it would not hurt him to have such a skill in the arsenal of skills as conveying information in a language that every audience understands. That is, a copywriter must clearly grasp the difference and understand to whom he writes. Articles addressed to young mothers will be very different in style, language and words used from those intended for the company's top executives or entrepreneurs.

You can create selling texts or information, depending on the wishes of the customer and the ultimate goal. In order to avoid confusion and omissions with the client, it is desirable to initially spend a little time on the creation of the TOR, specifying there all the evaluation criteria, nuances and requirements.

So, we found out that a copywriter is a text writer. But after all, absolutely everyone who has learned at least one year at school can write. It turns out that anyone can think of himself as a good copywriter? It’s possible to think, but in fact, of course not. Let's see what else is in the duties of this profession.

  • Rewriting Do not always have to write an article on the go writing. Sometimes there are tasks to rework already existing ones, transferring structure and meaning, but unique.
  • Editing. Performing the functions of an editor, the creator of the article should tirelessly follow the logical chain of narration, the style of speech, the adequacy of the use of terms and phraseological units.
  • Correction. Strictly bdim for literacy. No spelling and punctuation errors. To do this, we read in the process and reread at the end of the article more than once.
  • Creating slogans, luring headers. In the case when the copywriter is working on the advertising text, he must pay great attention to inventing a catchy title. As you know, it is up to 80% of him to determine whether the prepared material will be read at all.

    To come up with a good slogan is not easy and is very responsible, because in fact it is the calling card of the company. Time and energy takes a lot, so this kind of work must be paid separately.

  • Search / create pictures. Often, the copywriter needs to animate their articles with thematic images for clarity and easier perception. In this case, the uniqueness of the photo has the same value as the uniqueness of the text as a whole. Basic knowledge of programs and graphic editors is an integral part of the work.
  • Text. Only a "copywriter" who first opened the Word can afford to produce a solid canvas. This is disrespect to both the customer and the reader. A normal (not even good) specialist knows that paragraphs, headings, subheadings, lists must be in every text.
  • SEO optimization. Without the presence of keywords in the article by no means indispensable. In this case, a special requirement is imposed on the adequacy of the entered key.

An example from one very famous portal for watching movies, where Master Yoda himself worked as a copywriter, apparently.

Ok, I want to be a copywriter. Where to begin?

Standing on the shore, we hasten to please you, our ambitious friends, a copywriter, in general, anyone can become. With a high level of literacy, not lazy to learn, improve and develop, with good erudition and a flexible mind, punctual, responsible and collected. But this profession does not require special education, no.

To understand whether you can make a worthy specialist out of you, you can only do this in one way - try to work. You can not write one article and surrender. This area of ​​activity requires self-discipline and consistency. And, given that many copywriters are also engaged in freelancing, it becomes clear that this is not the case. By the way, about freelancing. The copywriting exchange is one of the most affordable development paths.

Beginner, look for work on the remote site on special sites or register on content exchanges. What are the differences?

Remote work: pay more; not the fact that you are not thrown and really paid; subjects of orders, as a rule, will be the same (can be boring).

Freelance Exchange: payment is guaranteed; You can choose with which topic to contact, what order to take to work; a beginner will have to really plow for a penny at first, earning a reputation and portfolio; after a while, it may lead to meet “its” customer, which will turn into a proven constant.

Ok, I choose the exchange.

Well done. Follow the instructions below.

Look for an order.

Resources for freelancers, perhaps hundreds, but proven, reliable, popular - only tens. Well, why do you need more? So let's see what the global network offers.

Exchange content №1. ADVEGO, users - more than 2.5 million

Professionals are considered the most convenient and best, but search robots with professionals do not agree with something.

The exchange has existed for more than 10 years, it has already gained popularity, it has acquired an appropriate image, and therefore has the right to be quite capricious. It is difficult for a newbie. If there are ready-made articles for sale, be sure to post it, but first go through a rigorous test of uniqueness. The Antiplagiat program at Advego is considered one of the most stringent, but the best.

The price for copyright starts from 0.35 USD for 1000 characters; rewrite - from 0.20 cu for 1000 characters. It is also possible to take into account the translation of texts (from 0.35 cu), do viral marketing, posting in the social. networks.

Exchange copywriting number 2. ETXT, users - about 1.5 million

Newcomers are welcome here, they do not make any special demands, customers generously distribute orders and positive evaluations of the work done. Just get ready for the fact that 5p. / 1000 characters is quite an ordinary such order. Do not be indignant when you see prices. Yes, unfortunately, this is how the ETXT rating is gained. But in the process of mastering the resource, there is a chance to spin up, break out into people and find regular customers who will not skimp on paying for really high-quality texts.

Exchange copywriting number 3. TEXT

There are many tasks, the topics are very diverse. There is also an excellent Antiplagiator, which allows you to find out not only the percentage of uniqueness, but also water, check spelling and conduct a text seo-analysis.

Exchange copywriting №4. Content monster

It is distinguished by the fact that it will not allow you to set sail so easily. First you have to take a literacy test. Fail - come in a month. Authors, as you understand, are selected strictly. The weak and the ugly are thrown into the abyss of uncertainty and self-flagellation. But SEO copywriting courses are free to take. The cost of work is average: from 30R. for the keen sign and how lucky.

Exchange copywriting №5. TextSale

As a store of articles, perhaps the most extensive site. That is, you can come here and without a long fuss over the rating put up ready-made texts for sale. You set the price yourself: either for 1000 characters, or for the whole article at once.

Exchange copywriting number 6. Work-zilla

The average cost of order fulfillment is higher here than on other sites - from 50p. Themes of work are very different, special requirements are not noticed during registration.

However, keep in mind that each exchange has its own system of fines, rewards, and rating upgrades. Administrators are also everywhere. And the attitude towards users too. Somewhere the customer - the king and god, somewhere more zealously protect the rights of the performer. In any case, the protection of funds everywhere at the same high level.

If you are a beginner, then it is on the exchange that the place to gain experience. Fill in your hand, so to speak, improve your writing skills, replenish your portfolio.

So, with the choice of stock exchange decided what next?

You register on the site, you start looking for work. A simple interface is present on almost every resource; it's easy to figure out. Selection criteria can be filtered: rewrite / copyright, subject, payment for a keeper, the level of the artist. But, as we warned, no-pay orders are unavailable to the newcomer. And you can swim in the field of copyright for years, but after registering on the site for the first time, this is where you become an inexperienced newcomer who needs to be patient and prove his professional suitability. However, having gained a reputation, you will be overgrown with reviews and a portfolio of completed works, and then you will not be left without orders.

Perform tasks.

It is finished, from several applications you have chosen as a performer. Get to work. Deadlines, minimum requirements and wishes (for uniqueness, style of narration, etc.), volumes of text are always stated on the stock exchanges. If you are not sure about something, contact the customer directly with the question. If you do not have time to deliver the material on time, it is BAD, but please contact the customer directly! Adequate customers will meet (if the reason is valid) and will extend the time. If you do not have time because of your own negligence, well, it is quite fair to get a negative review and a stain in karma.

In the process of writing, monitor the compliance of the article TK. Some customers want the keys to be in a specific paragraph, or a certain number of subheadings. Do not fulfill their conditions, will remain without a well-deserved assessment. On the stock exchange customer - sir.

Hand over the project.

I wrote, checked for errors, I am sure that I fulfilled all the nuances in time, handsome. Before you hand over the finished text, check it for uniqueness, nausea, the presence of water. Many exchanges have their own verification systems, but many customers require additional text on advego or sites.

Work was accepted - the money in the account fell, urashki! Also, the rating will increase. Also a review can be laudatory. Plus to ChSV, you know how cool you are, and that copywriting is really yours. Congratulations! So, it is time to conquer new heights, explore new opportunities and advance in new areas of copyright art. What kind? This is explained in detail in the second part of the article. Watch out for a continuation !

Where to begin?
It turns out that anyone can think of himself as a good copywriter?
Where to begin?
What are the differences?
Well, why do you need more?
So, with the choice of stock exchange decided what next?
What kind?