How to start the system in safe mode. How to run a computer running Windows in safe mode

  1. How to start the system in safe mode. How to run a computer running Windows in safe mode
  2. How to run windows in safe mode:
  3. Run Windows 7 in safe mode
  4. Run Windows 8 in safe mode
  5. Method number 1
  6. Method number 2

How to start the system in safe mode. How to run a computer running Windows in safe mode

First of all, you need to say a few words about what it is. safe mode Windows and what is its purpose - this mode was created by developers to diagnose and fix possible problems. It should be used if Windows is malfunctioning or does not start at all. When activated, all will appear to the user. standard settings with a minimum set of programs, drivers and components to ensure stable operation of the operating system.

The “System Configuration” window is divided into several tabs. On the first tab, switch the "ball switch" to "Diagnostic start". Then go to the tab and enter “Safe Run” here. In safe mode, you can do everything you need. If you do not return to the initial state , your computer will still work in emergency mode!

Safe Mode boots only absolutely necessary drivers and files. Often useful to solve infection problems. malware , recent changes in hardware or faulty updates. This caused the computer to stop working normally and additional options are enabled when the computer starts up, where you simply choose to boot in safe mode. Safe mode still exists, but it was placed a little deeper in the advanced options menu begins.

How to run windows in safe mode:

Logging on to the system in safe mode, you will see a design that is different from the traditional Windows shell, because it has a low resolution. In safe mode, you can get either when you start the system or when the operating system is running. If the computer is turned off, you need to turn it on and, after pressing the F8 key several times, wait until the bootloader window appears, from which you can get into the safe Windows mode. However, if the system does not react in any way to the actions taken, then the function keys are disabled on your keyboard. To activate their work, you need to press the Fn key simultaneously with F8 . If there are several operating systems on a computer, it means that it is necessary to choose the preferred one by moving the arrow keys. Then confirm your choice with the "Enter" button. Next, in the Advanced Options Menu, you must select "Safe Mode" by pressing the enter button. After the download is complete, when the desktop appears on the screen, the phrase “Safe Mode” can be observed in all corners.

If the computer is turned on, you can start the Windows safe mode as follows: click "Start" and enter "msconfig" (without quotes) into the search field. If necessary, enter the administrator password. After that, the “System Configuration” window should appear, where you will need to click on the “BOOT” tab. In this section, you will need to check the box next to the “Safe boot” field , after selecting the minimum value. Before you exit, do not forget to save the changes by specifying the “Apply” command, and then “OK” . As a result, a window will appear in front of you with a system request, in which you need to click on the “Restart” button. After all the processes are done, the computer will reboot, and the safe mode will be entered.

Safe Mode — Runs the Windows operating system with a limited set of services and drivers. In safe mode, it is the minimum that is required to maintain the operating system: driver and I / O device services, the files of the OS itself, and everything. Any third-party program will not be able to access the equipment without your knowledge. Because of this feature this mode actively used to diagnose the "computer", as well as troubleshooting related to the program code. So how do you start your computer in safe mode?

Run Windows 7 in safe mode

So, if you need to load Windows 7 in a mode with limited autorun software, you only need to show the logo of the manufacturer motherboard press and hold the "F8" key to open the menu additional options download, in which you need to select one of the three "Simplified" modes.

Everything is simple! However with operating system "Windows 8" things are different.

Run Windows 8 in safe mode

As practice has shown, running a computer running the latest OS in safe mode does not always work out. But you can still run it! In this article I will talk about two options.

Method number 1

The first method — starting the minimum mode via the shutdown menu — is similar to the one discussed above. The whole problem lies in the display on the screen of a special "shutdown menu". To do this, move the mouse cursor to the right upper or lower corner, click on the "gear" icon to open the parameters window. The next step is the whole trick. Click on the classic completion icon, then hold down the Shift key and left-click the word Reboot.

After processing the request, the computer will display the following window:

By the way, it can also be opened using the hard-to-remember “shutdown / r / o / t 0” command. So, after the shutdown window appears in front of you, it remains only to follow the path: Diagnostics - Extra options - Download options.

After completing the above manipulations, you will see an information window asking you to restart the computer. After restarting, you can select the mode. The “F4”, “F5” and “F6” keys allow you to start the OS with a minimum set of loadable software.

Method number 2

The second way is to change the OS configuration. You can change the configuration using standard program msconfig, which can be opened in two ways.

  1. Find the utility using the Search window.
  2. Run the "msconfig" command.

You will see the "System Configurations" window. In order to run windows with a limited set of downloadable software , you need to go to the “Download” tab, then put a tick in front of the “Safe Mode” and “Minimal” items.

So how do you start your computer in safe mode?