Tera Online - another scam or cryptocurrency earnings?

  1. Under the general noise Earnings on cryptocurrency is perhaps the brightest trend in the field of...

Under the general noise

Earnings on cryptocurrency is perhaps the brightest trend in the field of online investment in 2017. Incredible growth rate of Bitcoin and wealthy altkionov, such as Ethereum, Dash, Monero attracted the attention of not only experienced investors, but also the media.

The media, in turn, trumpeted about the new financial order in such volumes that the information that a certain Bitcoin rose to 5 thousand dollars was discussed even by the grandmothers in the minibus.

Of course, similar information about the success of cryptoinvestors reached even the inhabitants, who rushed to the Internet in search of earnings. And here they are met by ordinary crooks with all open arms.

Yes, yes, the leaders of this craft could not stay away from Bitcoin hysteria, so they started developing their projects, for which, as it turns out, there is nothing but deception.

Projects in small letters

Thera Online is one of these "methods of earning." What are we ready to offer? First of all, as often happens, a wonderful video in which we will be told about the incredible profits that are received by one mouse click.

The video is really very bright, here you have elegant suits and girls in dresses. And of course, the promise of a huge income. In general, comrade actors (and on the screen are really actors) explain to us the concept of earning on key cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum. Note that the actors frankly read their sincere speech from the prompter screen, which is located behind the camera. Note the promises of expensive gifts from the bank. Yes, comrades claim that their bank grants them for using services. The name of the bank is not called.

Also, in the process of narration, no details of the technical component are disclosed. But the user can earn money by doing nothing simply by replenishing the balance of his account and activating the button.

How it works? What is reinforced? Nobody tells. But a bundle of money in the hands of one of the "heroes", along with stories of dreams coming true, act as they should. There are already reviews on the Internet about how poor gullible people have invested in this “system for the elect.”

Action plan

In general, there is no need to specify the project "Tera Online", since most of these sites are doing the same thing. You are lured by the promise of profit, while you do not need to do anything, the program will do everything for you. No quotes, Exchange Exmo and other things. You just pass over the ears in terms and names of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

After that they ask to replenish the account of the site. It's funny that for such a CRYPTO trading, you don't even need to start a cryptocurrency wallet. You replenish your account with a bank card. At best, you simply give the specified amount (200 - 300 US dollars). At worst, the site records your card number and CV2 code. This is more than enough to spend all the money on the card without your knowledge. It is good that the PIN-code is not asked, although access to money can be obtained without it.

It is obvious that your own income in this field will be zero. Maybe you heard about the magic Canadian stock exchanges, registered in Ukraine, which exchange cryptocurrency in your favor? Here the method of deception is much more primitive and designed for the most inexperienced audience. If on that “stock exchange” you at least required the ability to transfer fiat money to a cryptocurrency, so that the recipient could not be traced, then here you replenish a person’s bank account.

Behind the whole thing is an obvious group of scammers who hired actors at the level of the Theater for Young People, and rented space for one shooting day. But on the programmer, alas, stingy. The site of this magic program is a regular standard template with a form for sending money and the same video as content.

Is the salary real?

In such scams - obviously not. If you, of course, do not take this. We in no case recommend to you the development, let alone investing in such projects.

The cryptocurrency industry, although not completely legal, still provides enough opportunities for earnings. Let's be honest, all you need is some money (even less than 200 bucks) and even less patience.

Analyze our materials, choose the currency you need and earn on its quotes. That's the whole secret of success on Bitcoin, Ether or any other. crypt . Here you just need to find the exchanger and help out the currency of interest to you, if not to collect the amount with the help of taps and referral friends. Understand that currencies are growing in proportion to their popularity. And this popularity is much wider than the video of some cheaters.

What are we ready to offer?
How it works?
What is reinforced?
Maybe you heard about the magic Canadian stock exchanges, registered in Ukraine, which exchange cryptocurrency in your favor?
Is the salary real?